In the last 25 years, India has seen such growth in the church, multiplication in the church, as never before in its lifetime – as never before in the history of missions, as never before in history at all. There is a huge wave of God, the Holy Spirit, sweeping across the nation and the whole region of South Asia. In the last two decades in India, it is estimated that more than 30 million people have come to Christ. There are nearly 8,000 baptisms every day!

Have you ever heard of the Third Wave? I like describing our work with that term, because it really has been the key to the growth of the churches in South Asia.

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Hindus make up some 13% of the world’s population, although the number is much larger when one accounts for all those who adhere to Hindu philosophy (New Age practices, etc.).

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The mission advance occurring throughout the world is bigger than any single organization, denomination or movement. That’s what makes it so exciting to behold!

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Steve Meyers

Director of Outreach, Real Life Church, CA

“Every time I’m in India to visit Sharon Gardens in Salem I am overwhelmed by the beauty of the facility and the hospitality of our hosts. The trip is designed extremely well and is very organized. You will see and experience every aspect of the ministry, from the orphanage to the hospital, college to the leper care, baptisms, village partnerships and medical clinics. It was wonderful to tour the offices of IGL to get a first hand look of the operation at work. Everywhere you go the fruits of the holy spirit are on display. So much hospitality and love. Stories of the people as they have come to faith and listening to the enormous challenges they face was inspiring and heart wrenching. India is a different and unique place. ”


Dennis Willis

Wesleyan Church of Hamburg, NY

“We really love our partnership with IGL. We’re heavily invested. I’m really impressed with how well IGL does in accomplishing the goals set up for our adopted region. I’m confident in IGL’s financial integrity because I can travel to see the work myself. What the barefoot pastors are doing, being able to meet Sam Stephens and Becky Stanley, having the opportunity to go on a teaching trip this fall all makes me trust that this organization is Christ-centered.”

Loyall Watkins

Loyall Watkins

Missions Pastor, Oak Street Baptist Church, TX

“Children and youth being reached in massive numbers is extremely exciting to hear about. We are very blessed the Lord partnered us with IGL for the past 5 years and we look forward to what comes next as we feel blessed to be even a small part of the amazing work God is doing in India through IGL and partners. We encourage anyone one considering IGL as a means to help make a difference in India and other places they are working to say yes and see what adventure God will take you on. He is definitely on the move and will use anyone who will join Him in the work.”


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