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Kerala Flooding

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It has been just over three months since the devastation of the flooding in Kerala that claimed more than 375 lives and displaced more than 800,000. Since then most government and foreign aid has subsided, reaching only the urban areas. The villages throughout the state of Kerala are left to pick up the pieces of their homes and lives on their own. 

Thankfully, because of your prayers and generosity, IGL has been able to step into help some of the worst affected communities that the rest of the world has all but forgotten. After providing 200 families with immediate relief with items such as food, shelter, cookware, water and other basic necessities, IGL has moved on to the second phase of relief: rebuilding.


India Gospel League's Response

Phase One

Immediate Relief

Supplies: Food staples, drinking water, clothing, blankets and other everyday items are urgently needed for 1,500 families. The present need to cover these relief efforts for 1,500 families is estimated at $37,500 ($25 per family).

Phase Two

Near-Term Rebuilding

Support of Pastors: Having lost some believers, with many more displaced, it is unlikely that churches will function normally anytime soon. 50 pastors who have been most affected require support for the next 6 months at $100 per month.

Housing: As the situation begins to stablize, IGL plans to help rebuild 50 houses ($2,500 each) and 5 Life Centers ($8,000 each) as our contribution to the wide-scale rebuilding that will be required all across Kerala.

Infrastructure Development: Safe drinking water is one of the greatest challenges during flood recovery. IGL plans to provide 5 water purification plants at $6,000 each, which will provide clean water for years to come and reduce the spread of water-borne illness.

Phase Three

Long–Term Rehabilitation

The Future:  Many residents of Kerala will need reemployment and, in some cases, alternate employment as a result of the long-term damage done. However, this will be considered once we have completed phase one and two and we are able to make a first-hand needs assessment through our pastors and leaders on the ground. In the months ahead, we will communicate more specifics on how the IGL family can best assist here. For now, we believe it is prudent to focus on immediate relief and near-term rebuilding.



School materials such as bags, notebooks, stationary and more were given to children. 


Homes in the process of repair or selected to be completely rebuilt.


Well that provides for 50 families is in the middle of repairs.


Life Centers are under construction.


New Bibles were distributed throughout the affected regions.


Barefoot pastors have been sponsored for two years so they are able to entirely focus on the rebuilding and rehabilitation efforts.


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Kerala Flooding

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