Pastors can learn strategy for church planting, discipleship and evangelism. They can also gain access to material they otherwise wouldn't have in rural India. 


The barefoot pastors of IGL’s network live and work in remote, rural villages throughout South Asia. While they’re reaching thousands who’ve never even heard the name Jesus before, they are also isolated. After attending conferences, pastors often leave feeling encouraged, challenged and closer to the Lord and their fellow pastors.


Often there’s no internet access to retrieve sermons, even if they could find them in their own languages. Bibles are difficult to come by as they are not sold in book stores. Conferences provide a vital link for pastors to discuss and receive feedback on direction, goals and plans for their congregations.

Hear from Claude about the Impact of Conferences

How does it work?

Over the years, the IGL leadership has had a question: How do these barefoot pastors continue the work without burning out?

The answer? Thus far, the solution has been to create a network of pastors who are all committed to the same vision – loving and serving Jesus among the least reached. This network provides the pastors with monthly meetings and one large annual conference to maintain regular fellowship and equip them for ministry.

The 6,700 pastors in IGL's network who oversee 95,000+ churches need all the help they can get! That's why every year dozens of regional conferences are held throughout India, Sri Lanka and Nepal. Once a year, a large national conference is held in November to introduce the teaching theme for the next year.  IGL provides each pastor with material that will last for a whole year to take back to their churches!

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