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Training Nurses for the Future

The World Health Organization estimates a global shortage of 7.2 million health professionals, with India listed as having one of the greatest shortages. IGL strives to bridge that gap, sending out more nurses every year into the workforce.


People die each year because of India's poor healthcare system


Are available for every 10,000 people, far below the need

India ranks
out of 191 countries

By the WHO for healthcare system lacking availability and quality

Nursing Program at Sharon Community College

In 1999, IGL opened the doors of Sharon Community College to help meet these very needs. With two-year programs in nursing, operation theater, laboratory technology and gynecology, the teachers and students hope to help meet the dire needs of suffering people in India.

The Sharon Community College has developed a reputation for granting diplomas to highly qualified and trained young professionals in the medical field. Much of the reason the program has produced such effective medical professionals is the curriculum. For the first year of the program, students absorb knowledge in the classroom setting. But for the second year, all the students participate in a year-long internship at a local hospital, gaining real-life skills and putting their book knowledge to work.

While this program is only addressing a small percentage of the vast need for medical care in India, Sharon Community College is attempting to do its part to inch the country closer toward providing quality medical care to every person.

700+ Nursing Students

graduated from Sharon Community College since 1999

100% of Students

get good jobs with regular pay after graduation

30+ Students

graduate the nursing program each year!

How Can You Help?

Sponsor a Nurse

Many of the students cannot afford to pay for the program themselves. Often the students come from rural communities and from families that cannot afford basic necessities. The two-year sponsorship covers tuition and room and board for the student. For just $50 a month you get the satisfaction of knowing that you are directly impacting the healthcare system in India and your sponsored student will hear about Jesus during their time in school.
Start a Pledge

Give a Nurse Textbooks

Not ready for a two-year commitment yet? Why not consider helping a student get her books? Up-to-date textbooks are vital to each student’s education as they prepare to become a nurse. Your gift of $55 will provide a nursing student with all the textbooks she needs to complete the program.

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