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Odisha Cyclone 

You Can Share Hope and Compassion

Odisha, India was hit by Cyclone Fani, as it came on land 8am Friday, May 3rd.
The storm left devastation throughout coastal villages.

IGL regional coordinators have been on the ground surveying the hardest hit areas. After visiting many of the villages, one of the coordinators reported
that they visited 50 affected pastors and families in the regions of Khurda
and Cuttack. Thousands of families have lost their homes and belongings.

One of those in great need is an IGL Vision 2000 regional coordinator and
pastor of Cuttack. His house was severely damaged; the roof, doors and
windows were blown out leaving all his belongings destroyed by wind and rain.

Other areas have been severely flooded. Several trees were uprooted and
thatched structures destroyed in many villages, including Bhubaneswar. One
of the surveying coordinators, Pastor Dilip said they were dealing with high temperatures and asked for blessing and prayer.


India Gospel League's Response

Phase One

Immediate Relief

Supplies: Food staples, drinking water, clothing, blankets and other everyday items are urgently needed for 150 families. The present need to cover these relief efforts for 150 families is estimated $12,500.

Help Pastor in Cuttack: His home was severely damaged, with the windows, roof and door blown out completely. Replacement cost: $5,000.


Immediate Relief

RENOVATE three churches (life centers) that were severely damaged.
COST: $3,000

REBUILD ten houses that were completely destroyed.
COST: $11,000

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Odisha Cyclone 2019

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