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Plant Hope

Our goal is to plant hope in every village of India by 2040. 

Equipping & Training Women

What does Hope for a village look like? 

Hope shows up as job skills training and small business loans for women. It comes in the form of sewing machines and tailoring classes.

It also means access to clean, safe water for families. It shows up as we help people learn about the use of waste water and amending soil, planting and harvesting.

Hope shows up as health awareness programs, prenatal and baby well care visits and vaccinations. 

For children, it means education with tutoring through our Evening Study Centers. It also means good and loving child care for mothers who are now able to work and not have to worry about the welfare of their children.

Hope shows up in a village, as a medical camp, with ready care for those
who live far from any medical facility.

We invite you to plant hope that is life-giving, sustainable help to people in rural impoverished villages, throughout South Asia.