• Day 1


    Arrive in the beautiful city of Bangalore. Known as the capital of India’s southern state Karnataka and for being the center of India’s high-tech industry, this city is full of beauty in every way.

    From Bangalore, sit back and enjoy the sights on your journey to IGL’s campus in Salem nestled in the serene and picturesque foothills of the Shevaroy Range Mountains. Arrive in time for the captivating children’s program, where more than 160+ children housed at the mission base will welcome you through cultural song and dance during a handmade traditional Indian cuisine dinner.

    End your first day in a quaint air-conditioned room on base amongst friends and laughter.

  • Day 2


    Wake up to a striking view of the landscape surrounding you and a freshly made breakfast. Begin the fun-filled day with an orientation of the inner workings of the Sharon Mission Base seeing how all of the intricate details work together on a daily basis. Wave to the nursing students as you walk down the long halls of the new Sharon Hospital, busy treating patients who aren’t able to afford healthcare. Smell the sweet scent drifting through the air as farmers milk cows on the dairy farm. Living at the campus because their families cannot care for them, the children play as you stroll pass the Early Learning Center. Learn more about the micro credit distribution program, which allows local families the chance break the cycle of poverty and provide for their families. Truly take in each site and sound as you piece together a larger understanding of what IGL really is.

    Break for lunch, enjoying an authentic dish provided and accompanied by new smiling faces.

    Experience a primitive local village in the afternoon with a chance to meet a local tribe. You’ll get to interact with the local community and potentially share a few words with a villager that you meet. But the day is not over yet! Learn about and help distribute bags to children at the Evening Tuition Center in Vellalapatty and watch their grateful smiles as they head to their evening study sessions.

    Reminisce about the days stimulating experiences over dinner with your team as you relax back on the mission base to renew before tomorrow’s endeavors.

  • Day 3


    It’s an early morning today and breakfast is grab-and-go as you make your way to the Viruveedu Village in the region of Karur. Take in the sights while passing some of the states well known agricultural crops like bananas, sugarcane and tapioca. But don’t get hungry yet, you have a Water Well Dedication to attend upon your arrival! See the impact of local clean water access to a village of indigenous people and the emotional response as an answer to such deep need.

    Say your fond farewells, you’re packing up and heading to Chinnasalem for a special building dedication next. Don’t worry, you’ll stop along the way in a nearby park for a packed lunch and maybe even some views of Asia’s largest sheep farm, located nearby! After your journey, arrive at the village to meet the tribal leader who will be overseeing and helping the growth within the community. Embrace every second of this deeply impactful event, for this one structure can affect many surrounding villages.

    It’s been a long day! Enjoy a dinner with the villagers before heading back to the base for a restful night’s sleep.

  • Day 4


    We have two exciting destinations today with Deviakurichi being the first. Enjoy a traditional Indian breakfast on base then pack a snack as you head to the land of tradition as it’s known for. India still has a large population of leprosy victims who are outcast from the rest of society just as they have been for generations. You’ll have an opportunity to pour hope and love into lives by serving them lunch in this village.

    Head back to the Sharon Mission Base for your own lunch before heading to the next destination of Ammayagram. Children make up a large percentage of the population in India and many are left on the streets. Today you’ll be able to see the great the impact of IGL’s Children’s Program with a dedication ceremony for an administrative building.

    Reconnect and share your personal experiences with your team as you enjoy reflective conversation over another handcrafted dinner back on the mission base. Relax and reflect on all the IGL staff is doing in India from what you’ve been able to experience thus far.

  • Day 5


    Put on your best smile, today will be spent at Anderson School, a higher secondary school educating 500 school-aged children daily. This is located in the lovely hills of Nongstoin in North East India and they even include sports, games and excursions into their curriculum. What fun!

    Enjoy meeting and connecting with a new face back on base as dinner is served once again in traditional Indian fashion.

  • Day 6


    Sleep in a bit today before visiting another remote village and its people. You’re headed to Kuthapady during their scheduled veterinary camp. See these professionally trained veterinarians aide in the assistance of the local animals, crucial to the villagers’ survival. What a joyous day it is to celebrate, this village just dug a local water well with a dedication event today.

    Take in the dream-like scenery as you eat a packed lunch on the hills of the Indian countryside. Back at the bus, excitement rises as your team is taken to the local bazar or marketplace to shop for a few souvenirs as you begin thinking of your return trip back home.

    Share your finds with those on base over dinner before turning in after another adventure-filled day.

  • Day 7


    One more village visit in Chettichavadi before experiencing your last traditional meal on the Sharon Mission Base. With full hearts and bellies, it’s that time to start the debriefing process with your team and the IGL staff who made your trip successful. After many hugs and some tears, the inevitable departure for Bangalore has come. It is now time to start making your way back home.