Tools For Worship

You can help a young congregation in India by providing them with a variety of tools to use in their worship services. For the average villager in India, the cost to purchase a Bible is equal to three days’ wages. Your gift will supply new believers with worship tools we often take for granted.

Choose from:

Musical Instrument ($75)
Music is integral to worship services and gifts of music instruments are welcomed joyously!

Worship/Prayer Mat ($10)
Most Life Centers and prayer sheds do not have chairs because the facility can accommodate more people without the restriction of furniture. The use of woven mats provides a floor covering for worshippers.

PA System ($460)
Let the people hear and the earth rejoice! Gifts of PA systems allow the pastor to speak to larger groups and for villagers to easily hear his teachings.

Gas Lantern ($50)
With little or no electricity available and the need to reach adult workers at night, gas lanterns are not a luxury, but a necessity for a pastor trying to reach a new village.

Discipleship Training Material ($5)
A study series containing three years of discipleship training allows new believers to become grounded in the word of God.

Bible with study notes ($5)
Do you remember how precious a gift your first Bible was? IGL prints and distributes a Bible with an intensive study guide and notes in Tamil so all new believers can read the word in their language.