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Write To Your Child

Corresponding with your sponsored child is a wonderful way for you to get to know him or her. Sponsors and children alike come to understand one another’s country, culture and family.

Since most children in India do not have many personal possessions, it’s best not to write about things you own. Rather share about your life: family, friends, hobbies and those things which are important to you.

Helpful Hints:

Photos of you and your family will be especially treasured! Please be sensitive in choosing photos, as standards of modesty and clothing are different in India.

Please refrain from discussing the political issues of either country.

If your sponsored child is in one of our daycare centers and is too young to read and write, an IGL staff member will help him or her read your letter and respond. Please be patient if your sponsored child is developing literacy skills.

You can deliver your letters by:

Online Form
This method allows you to send your letter directly to India.

Write To Your Child Online

Please write your child’s first and last name and ID number on the outside of the envelope.

India Gospel League
PO Box 356
Hudson, OH 44236

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