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Is God calling your church to rethink its strategy? 

Rethink planting
with a new focus

Though our world is drastically changing, in India, one thing remains the same…  
One billion people still have not heard the gospel. IGL is changing that with the goal of planting a disciple-making, life-giving, multiplying church in every village of India by 2040. Will you join us? 

Here are 3 simple ways your church can partner with IGL in planting a church in every village of India by 2040. 

Become a Prayer Partner
The trials that pastors/church planters face are many…but your church can be a part of what God is doing in South Asia, by praying regularly for the team as they plant churches and share the gospel. Sign up at the top of this page to receive an email twice a month, reporting on the growth of the church and specific ways to pray.

Sponsor a Church Planter…
Indigenous church planters are equipped and sent out to effectively serve on the field. The majority of them have grown up in Hindu families. They understand the heavy oppression and ceremonial culture that breeds hopelessness. They each have their own unique testimony of coming to Christ, being discipled and then realizing the call that God has on their life. 

Sponsorship lasts two years and supports the pastor as he begins full time ministry. Once his planted church is established and the parishioners have been discipled, they begin to support the pastor and the church becomes self-sustaining.

Women with a Mission disciples and develops women to become leaders within their village. Many of these women go on to plant churches. Your monthly support will help cover the costs of time and travel as the area organizer trains, equips and encourages women leaders in
surrounding villages.  

Adopt a village…
The majority of rural South Asia is lacking in basic necessities such as education, healthcare, clean drinking water and sanitation. 

But adoption changes all that…As a pastor begins sharing the gospel, praying and building relationships, people receive Christ and are discipled. A small church is planted and this opens the door for transformation to begin. The needs of the village are assessed by the pastor as well as appointed leaders. The village then has the opportunity to be adopted by a partner church. 

Adopting a village helps bring transformation into the everyday life—via discipleship but also skills training, education, healthcare and awareness, prenatal care, job creation and so much more. One of our initiatives is the Women’s Transformation Groups where women are not only discipled but educated and developed as leaders.

We would love to talk to you more about how your church can join us in planting churches , email us at [email protected] or call our office at 888.352.4451.

As many churches are reducing in size and influence, is God calling the American Church to rethink what bigger, wider and higher means? 
Dr. Samuel Stephens shares in his recent book, Unleashed what is happening in India, and how it could encourage the American church. 
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