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Losing our lives…GAINING JOY

God’s economy says that tending to the flourishing of others contributes to rather than diminishes our own flourishing; yet day in and day out, we are surrounded by cultural values that contrast wildly with this Kingdom value. Human wisdom says, “Get all you can and keep it.” The church is in great danger of adopting this idea and giving it a “churchy twist.” Believers can come to believe that personal stability and spiritual growth come from high investment in themselves, in their own families, and in their own “backyards.” Eventually, though, under this worldly wisdom, the lifeblood of individuals, family, and community dries up. God did not design us as holding tanks. We are conduits, made to drink deeply from living waters and to share the overflow with other thirsty souls. 

The poured-out life is a life of abundance, overflow, relationship, significance, and JOY! Though the Church in India is experiencing increased persecution, we continue sharing the gospel and planting churches. 

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