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Children’s Gospel Clubs

Every spring we begin a new round of Children’s Gospel Clubs (CGCs), which combine the best of VBS and Sunday School together, forming a discipleship program that meets weekly for an entire year!

CGCs offer hope in a land plagued by poverty, disease and spiritual darkness. Children who attend a club will not only learn about Jesus, they’ll be encouraged to share Him with their families and friends. This creates a lifelong impact, and can ripple through families and villages. Some of our CGC attendees have even grown up to become IGL church planters!

In 2018 we trained nearly 80,000 teachers and leaders for our clubs. We even translated the club materials into 12 different languages! And we discipled 965,000 children through 19,300 clubs in some of the most unreached regions on earth! Just $1 is all it takes to give a child in India a whole year of Christian discipleship – this includes not only sharing the gospel message, but also training in theology, Christian living and Bible stories. Click the arrows on the picture below to see 2018 club photos!


Age 15, CGC Student

Through the stories I came to know the purpose of the Christ coming in to this world. I also understood that Jesus came in to this world because he had abundant love on us and he died for all our sins. I can surely say CGC transformed me lot. 


Age 16, CGC Student

Most of the time I felt lonely and thinking that there is no one to loves me. I was so depressed and unhappy. But after coming to Children’s Gospel Club I came to know that Jesus loves me so much. Through CGC session I also came to know that Jesus will never leave me or forsake me.


Age 14, CGC Student

I felt the fullness of God’s love during the whole program. Through this program I learned more about the bible stories and missionaries life experience. That triggered me to offer my life and talent for the God’s ministry.


Age 12, CGC Student

This is my first time to attend this CGC. There were many new songs and dance. I very much liked the dance and songs. Even there were interesting stories from bible and missionaries lives. I liked the Abraham story very much. In one word CGC was “amazing!"

Goals for 2019!

Village kids learning about Jesus!

Directors to be trained: 200
Leaders to be trained: 2,500
Teachers to be trained: 100,000
Children to be enrolled: 1,000,000
Clubs to be formed: 20,000
Materials to be produced in: 13 languages

Pray for Kids in India

India Gospel League would love to be your partner in global children’s missions. Below are ways you and your church can get started.

  • bible icon

    When you read the Bible:

    Pray CGCs would bring God’s Word to every single village in India.

  • meal icon

    When you have a meal:

    Pray all Indian children would have clean water to drink, enough food to eat and medicine when they are sick.

  • bed icon

    When you pray before bed:

    Pray all the India families would worship Him as the one true God.

  • church icon

    When at church:

    Give thanks for all the volunteers who teach our children and the children in India about Jesus.

Ways you can help

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