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Travel to India

If you’ve ever asked Rev. Stephens or others from the IGL NA team about the amazing reports of church growth (more than 90,000 congregations started in 25 years), the transformation of villages, the great needs of South Asia, the unique way God is working in the region – they will likely reply with a smile, “Come and see!”  

India Gospel League can help you get to the front lines of the Gospel advance – and even provide you with opportunities to serve and share directly with people in villages. Our team at the North American office can help you plan a trip that fits your family, church or corporate budget, works with your schedule and matches your passions to make an eternal difference.

For more information about traveling to India, fill out our interest form here (*allow pop-ups on your computer to fill out the form!) or email Megan, IGL NA’s Travel Coordinator.

Team Options

Medical & Veterinary Teams: Medical teams that visit IGL will help conduct village medical camps according to the need there and the practice areas of visiting professionals. Some villagers served may not have seen a doctor in years, or ever, so the relief for patients and joy for care givers is immense. Previous team camps have included dental clinics, eye care clinics, general medicine camps, gynecological seminars, veterinary camps and many other specialties.  If you’d like to learn more, fill out this form to get started.

Eyewitness Teams: Eyewitness teams travel to IGL headquarters in Salem, Tamil Nadu, to experience the breadth and depth of the ministry. Members may take part in leprosy feedings, church and home dedications, baptisms of new believers, micro-credit loan distributions, children’s home visits or distribution events for livestock, Bibles or many other helps. Eyewitness trips are easily tailored to the passions of team members and can happen any time throughout the year. Fill out this form or call the IGL NA office for more information.

Pastor, Women or Youth Teaching Teams: Teaching teams are an integral part of IGL’s ministry as we seek to train and empower our brothers and sisters in India to reach a nation for Christ. Team members travel the broad expanse of the country teaching groups of pastors, women and youth. Pastors, teachers and Bible study leaders are all welcome to join a teaching team (You do not necessarily need to be a pastor in order to teach.) For more information, fill out this form.

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To read more about IGL’s mission base and headquarters in Salem, click here to visit sharonworld.org.