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Share the Hope of Jesus with Villages

Hope changes everything! That’s why we always lead with Christ’s Love when building a Life Center, a well and serving people in a village.

IGL’s Pastors are leaders and families who take up residence in villages to share God’s love and serve those in need. They are the cornerstone of IGL’s support network and place a high value on leadership development, mentorship, and expanding the reach of education and learning. 

“I have no house for sleeping; we sleep in the children’s church area. Many people have no houses in our region, they have huts. I want to have the same life as they do so I can have a testimony to them.” – a representative in Southern India

“It is a great privilege to serve God and serve my neighbors. God is doing marvelous things in the world.” – a teacher in Sri Lanka

“Surrender your whole life to God.  Say, ‘Whatever He wants me to do, I will do it.’ It’s not, ‘What can I do for God?’ it’s, ‘What can God do through me?’” – a leadership training teacher for IGL

Would you like to temporarily sponsor one of our pastors? While most of our workers are already self-sufficient, a few need start-up funding as they reach out and serve in new areas. IGL can facilitate a partnership between you and one of our pastors– for $100 USD per month, for two years. This jumpstarts the work of sharing God’s love with those in need.

There are also helpful tools, as noted below, that can assist or accelerate the work of our Life Centers.

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