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Next steps—Nourish Them
Though India has not imposed a nationwide lockdown this second wave, restrictions have been imposed at state and local levels. Some form of lockdown has happened in many of India’s states in the last two months.
Businesses like markets and banks remain open with restricted hours. However, the government has placed a strict ban on places like schools, colleges, and churches.

Many people in small villages, including pastors and their families, are impacted by these restrictions. Throughout this time, our ministry teams have been busy trying our best to keep the most deserving and needy people supplied with basic necessities.

The spiritual and physical needs in the field are still very present as the hunger for the gospel is as real as the daily need and hunger for daily sustenance.

A gift of $31 will provide…
A Bible with study notes to a Believer / $5
Nourishing Meals for a family / $25
Children’s Gospel Club for 1 child (for 1yr) / $1

“I am thankful for so many lives that can be saved. On account of the outreach of the hospital at this time, and the manner in which our services are distinct, our ministry is gaining tremendous credibility in the local community. Thank you to all of our donors for standing with us at this critical time.”—S. Stephens


In a place of desperation, we called out to you for help.
We were overwhelmed by the gifts that came in from our family of donors!

We have felt the power of your prayers and we are so thankful that you are with us in this dark time. Daily we are experiencing God’s guidance and provision as He is using donors like you to literally be His hands and feet.

We are no longer at the mercy of the government for our oxygen supply and Sharon Hospital is now be able to care for more Covid patients.

The number of new cases seems to be reduced in some parts of the country but some areas are still under strict lockdown, including Tamil Nadu. The Government is asking everyone involved in health care to prepare for the third wave that is expected to hit India between September and November. We are also providing surgical and medical care for those affected with black fungus. The number of these cases is increasing. Thank you for your support and prayers!