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Give hope to children in South Asia…

Love knows no distance! Working alongside local leaders, Love One More has helped over 25,000 children and families through our 126 children’s homes, schools, daycare centers and evening study centers scattered across South Asia. Our work is made possible because of you! 

Children’s Gospel Clubs 
Each year, the children in our care attend our Children’s Gospel Clubs. These clubs start with a fun week-long program that focuses on an attribute of God, then provides a whole year of Bible classes. Children learn about God’s love, His creation, grace, heaven, truth, and the importance of loving their neighbor. 

Plans for the 2021 Children’s Gospel Clubs seemed thwarted by the second wave, but God’s Spirit has led us every step of the way. The clubs have officially started, though the teaching is happening all online.

Give Now

Love1More Child Sponsorship
Love One More focuses on children in need in South Asia. A normal way of life for most children means caring for a parent or sibling, working as a child laborer to provide income, and living in extreme poverty. But Love One More gives you the opportunity to help change the history of a child in South Asia. When you sponsor a child, you impact their worth and show them that they are cared for, loved, and important. You give them food, clothing, an education, proper healthcare, security, love and hope. Love One More also provides holistic and sustainable care for the family and communities they live in. We believe children are our future, and giving them the gift of childhood transforms not only their lives but the lives of their family and community. 

Amid the second wave, children who had been staying at our Children’s Homes but were sent back to their families are being contacted on a daily basis (via zoom) to ensure their safety and wellbeing.

Teaching modules and daily activities have been prepared to keep the
children active in their studies while schools remain closed. 

Back in the spring, children from Sharon Home & School who had no access to smartphones were given tablets with internet connections. This has helped students to continue on with their studies. The parents have been thrilled since they couldn’t afford to buy these items for their
children. We are thrilled that these children are continuing to learn.
That is only happening because of the generosity of our family of donors. Thank You!

Relief for Families of Sharon Children’s Home & School
Rice and groceries were given to 116 families of Sharon School children who were struggling financially due to lack of job during the second wave. These families were also given $2,000 as part of Covid relief.

Food relief was also given to deserving parents of the children attending IGL’s Day Care and Evening Study Centers. These families were struggling to have one good meal a day.

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