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Today in India, 75 percent of the population lives in rural villages. A larger village may have a medical clinic but it’s rarely staffed with a doctor. This leaves an estimated three doctors and four nurses available for every 10,000 people living in rural India.

What are we doing about it? 
India Gospel League is meeting this vast need through Sharon Hospital, which began in 1994. Since its beginning, IGL has been providing much needed treatment for often unmet medical problems at low or no cost through its hospital based on the Sharon Campus in Tamil Nadu, remote medical care, rural clinics and medical camps. 

How YOU can help? 
Medical mission trips play a key role in India Gospel League’s ongoing medical ministry. With constant funding and personnel shortages, every extra set of hands is invaluable. Will you deliver hope to the people in rural India by coming and serving? 

Trip Options

Rural Mobile Medical Trip: Go out into rural India to care for people who may have never been to a hospital. Depending on the area, mobile medical camps or clinics are set up at local churches and provide general check ups, education and basic care. Each day you will be traveling to a new location to provide care to another village in need. These trips not only help the local villagers, but also the local church to extend Jesus’ love and hope to the community by helping meet a basic need.

Who should come on this kind of trip? General practitioners, dentists, ophthalmologists, RNs and family medicine doctors.

Trip Length: Plan on 10 days on the ground + travel.

Palliative Care Training Trip: In 2017, India Gospel League opened a palliative care facility in Tamil Nadu! With only about 150 palliative care centers across India, Sharon Palliative Care Center is filling a much needed gap in medical care. However, because this type of treatment is still rare in India and is continually evolving, the staff, doctors, nurses and community workers welcome the opportunity for more training. You can help run a conference, seminar or workshop for the medical team in Tamil Nadu so they can care for those who are facing their final days. 

Who should come on this kind of trip? General practitioners, palliative care doctors, pain management specialists, palliative care nurses and social workers. 

Trip Length: Plan on 10 days on the ground + travel. 

Surgeries & Procedures:  Access to affordable health care in rural India is a dream most villagers never come to realize. Those struggling with cancer, polio, cleft palates and more have little to no access to the surgery that could easily save or improve their lives. Even when those in rural India have the opportunity for surgery, they cannot afford it, so they borrow money at an absurd interest rate that they will never be able to pay off. 

You can provide general, orthopedic and OB/GYN surgeries to people who cannot afford it. India Gospel League’s Sharon Hospital is equipped with operating rooms and intensive care units. But the need for affordable healthcare is more than we can often manage. 

Who should come on this kind of trip? Surgeons, scrub nurses and surgery RNs. 

Trip Length: Plan on 10 days on the ground + travel. 
*Surgeons will need a temporary license in India to operate. 

Medical Internship Trip: Stay for a longer period of time helping with rural clinics, palliative care, hospital rotations and even teaching students! 

You can help with both hands-on work and educating the future nurses. You can provide some relief to the current hospital staff that is always under pressure to meet the great need for affordable medical care. And help make this hospital even more sustainable by teaching nursing students at the IGL Community College. 

Who should come on this kind of trip? General practitioners, dentists, ophthalmologists, GNs and family physicians. 

Trip Length: Plan on three to six weeks on the ground + travel. 

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