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  • As you may have already gathered from friends and family, the impact of going on a short-term mission trip can impact your life for years to come. While you go to serve and meet a great need in the field, you come home with, many would say, a far greater benefit than you left behind. Many travelers have personal encounters with God, spiritual revelations and cultural experiences they never forget. It's difficult to overstate the wonderful, lasting effect going on a short-term mission trip can have on your life. Read some of the testimonies of those who have gone below!

This trip has drawn me closer to our Lord & Savior and I am anxious to follow His lead into the future.

Dr. Gale Dejong, Veterinary Trip, 2018

God showed me that he's willing and able to take care of me. I didn't really want to go on this trip, but I thought God wanted me to go on it. I struggle with anxiety in situations where I don't feel in control. Flying across the world was one of those situations. I hope that I can remember that God took care of me during this trip, and take more risks for him in the future.

Alex Herbers, Pastor Training Trip, 2018

It surprised me how much a connection, both spiritual and emotional, I made with the women at the conference. The Lord filled me with compassion for them.

Indre Howell, Women With a Mission Trip, 2018


God Working in South Asia

Mission Opportunity #1

Teacher Training Trips

Teaching teams are an integral part of IGL's ministry as we seek to train and empower teachers and leaders. Team members have the opportunity to travel South Asia teaching groups of church leaders, women and youth. Pastors, teachers and Bible study leaders are all welcome to join a visiting teaching team, though you do not necessarily need to be a pastor in order to teach. As part of a teaching training trip, you can teach women, pastors or youth leaders.

Mission Opportunity #2

Eyewitness Trips

Eyewitness teams travel to IGL headquarters in South Asia, to experience the breadth and depth of the ministry. Members may take part in leprosy feedings, life center and home dedications, micro-credit loan distributions, children's home visits or distribution events for livestock, Bibles or many other helps. Eyewitness trips are easily tailored to the passions of team members and can happen any time throughout the year.

Mission Opportunity #3

Medical & Veterinary Trips

Medical teams that visit India will help conduct village medical camps. These camps are tailored to the needs of the area the team will visit as well as the experience and practice area of visiting professionals. Without these medical camps some villagers may never have the chance to see a doctor. The relief for patients and the joy of caregivers is immense. Previous teams have conducted dental clinics, eye care clinics, general medicine camps, gynecological seminars, veterinary camps and many other specialties.

I didn't have any idea the work that IGL does here was so extensive. I loved this experience. I have fallen in love with India and its people. It was a life-changing experience for me.

Lora Dorsen, 2018

This trip has reignited my love for world missions.

Dusty Decker, Pastor Training Trip, 2018

I Have a deeper burden to impress upon people to store up treasures in heaven not on this earth. People are more important than our things.

Katrina Yoerger, Women With A Mission Trip, 2018


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