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another story

November 1, 2020

ost_status (string / array) – use post status. Retrieves posts by post status. Default value is ‘publish‘, but if the user is logged in, ‘private‘ is added. Public custom post statuses are also included by default. And if the query is run in an admin context (administration area or AJAX call), protected statuses are added too. By default protected statuses are ‘future‘, ‘draft‘ and ‘pending‘.

  • publish‘ – a published post or page.
  • pending‘ – post is pending review.
  • draft‘ – a post in draft status.
  • auto-draft‘ – a newly created post, with no content.
  • future‘ – a post to publish in the future.
  • private‘ – not visible to users who are not logged in.
  • inherit‘ – a revision. see get_children().
  • trash‘ – post is in trashbin (available since version 2.9).
  • any‘ – retrieves any status except those from post statuses with ‘exclude_from_search’ set to true (i.e. trash and auto-draft).

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